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猪狩 史幸 (Masayuki IGARI)

Location of Pottery or Atelier / Activity base :
Johoji-cho, Iwate

His job is "Urushi-kaki", a person who gathers sap of lacquer trees. As a Urushikaki, he works on the mountains from June to November and gather lacquer sap. The lacquer sap is painted on wooden works again and again without any colors or oils. That's why his works have clear and simple beauty. We'd like many people to use his works not for special events but for daily life.


2012 : Started to work as a painter of lacquer adding the work as "Urushikaki"

2009 : Moved to Johoji-cho, Iwate, and started to work as "Urushikaki"

2004 : Started to learn about lacquer painting skills in Ishikawa

1977 : Born in Motomiya City, Fukushima


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