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辻 昇楽 (Shogaku TSUJI)

Location of Pottery or Atelier / Activity base :
Arita-Akae-cho, Saga

The work is impressive due to red pattern. It is a bowl named "Godofu Bachi" for a local food in Arita, "Godofu". This food is made mainly from soy milk and powdered arrowroot. And it's delightful as a person from Okayama to hear that the raw material for the red pattern is made from colcothar in Okayama. As its curved body and red pattern make its atmosphere brilliant, it will be suitable for some happy days or a present for someone around.


2008 : Designated as the first preservation expert by Arita-cho

2001 : Established his studio in Arita-Akae-cho to start making porcelain

1987 : Started preparing for all colors at Tsuji Paint Shop, his family business, in Arita, Saga. Accepted at The Japan Folk Crafts Museum Exhibition

1985 : Graduated from Pottery Training School, and became a turner

1960 : Born as the first son of the Tsuji family "Akaeya" of Nabeshima Domain, Saga. There are many exhibitions he has held