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石黒 剛一郎 (Goichiro ISHIGURO)

Location of Pottery or Atelier / Activity base :
Seto city, Aichi

Some of his works are called "blue pottery". It looks like porcelain but it is pottery with glaze. They have cracks due to the difference of contraction coefficient between soil and glaze. And he puts some of those works into brown liquid to make them vintage texture by coloring the cracks. While, you can also enjoy making the work get old through daily use.


2013 : Accepted at Toshiro(the founder of Seto pottery) triennale

2008 : Accepted jury's special award at International Ceramic Festival in Mino

2005 : Graduated from Seto Ceramic High School

He has joined many exhibitions including both personal and group ones.

He makes works in Seto city, Aichi at the present day.

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