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三宅木工房 (Miyake Woodwork Studio )

Location of Pottery or Atelier / Activity base :
Okayama Okayama City, Kita-ward

Mr. Tomoyuki Miyake and Mrs. Takae Miyake create furniture (tables, chairs, cupboards, etc.) and small items (cutleries, plates, frames, etc) from natural woods like Japanese oak and cherry tree. And each of their works has their feeling to make items which are good for using and can be used for years. Cutleries and plates are displayed at our shop. Spoon is smooth for mouth and square & round plates are easy to use. And a tray is designed for stacking.


2007 : Moved the studio to the current living place

2003 : Got married and established Miyake Woodwork Stuio

2000 : Graduated from Kurashiki Technical College

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