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市野 雅利 (Masatoshi ICHINO)

Location of Pottery or Atelier / Activity base :
Kokochi-ya - Sasayama city, Hyogo

Soy source pots are quite easy to drain off. Its form is like a penguin and has lovely atmosphere. White glaze is used for the work, however, the glaze is hard to be stained. So it is good for daily use.


1995 : Back to the hometown, Kami-tachikui and started making pottery

1994 : Accepted at Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition

1993 : Accepted at Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition

1993-95 : Studied pottery in Siga

1970 : Born in Kami-tachikui, Sasayama city, Hyogo. He has been working aggressively since he moved back to the hometown.