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イ・キジョ(李起助) (Lee Gee Jo)

Location of Pottery or Atelier / Activity base :
Anseong City (South Korea)

Mr. Lee Gee Jo is the leading person of current white porcelain in Korea. His works are simple with warm atmosphere. And seeing them from the side, you will find that they are quite elegant. Their styles vary from traditional like ones which are displayed at museums to modern. As each work is designed for daily dishes, it is easy to decide which item will be good for dish.


1998 : Moved the base of living to Anseong City and build the studio

1995 : Assumed the position of a professor of Arts Department, Chung-ang University

1989 : Finished the master's program

1982 : Started to create ceramics

1981 : Enrolled in Seoul National University

1959 : Born in Cheju Island

Main Exhibitions

2014 : Constancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft 2014 (Milan, Italy), Christie's (New York, America), ARTS&SCIENCE (Tokyo, Japan)

2012 : Choeunsook Art & Lifestyle (Seoul, Korea),ARTS&SCIENCE (Tokyo, Japan)

2009 : MASON & OBJESTS (Paris, France)

2008 : Shinsegae Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2007 : KCPF Exhibition Hall (Seoul, Korea)

2006 : SOFA New York (New York, America)

2005 : Gong Gallery (Seoul, Korea), Ai Chikyuhaku (Aichi, Japan)

2004 : Ban Gallery (Busan, Korea), Tong-in Gallery (New York, America), Christie's (New York, America)

2002 : Uri u Rut 'RYu' (Seoul, Korea)

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